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Starting at $300

Sole Prop, LLC, S Corp
Starting at $500

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Effortless Tax Filing Made Simple with Insight Tax Services


We take the stress out of preparing and e-filing your individual tax return, offering a seamless and user-friendly experience.

What to expect

1. Personalized Consultation: We will guide you through the process, ensuring that you understand every step and that all relevant details are captured for your unique financial situation.

2. Document Submission: Gather your tax documents and effortlessly submit them to us using our secure online portal. Whether you're a W-2 employee, self-employed, or have various income sources, our platform is designed to accommodate diverse financial situations.

3. Expert Analysis: Once we receive your documents, our expert team conducts a thorough analysis to identify potential deductions and credits. We leverage our knowledge of the latest tax laws to ensure you get the maximum refund or minimize any tax liability.

4. Review and Approval: Before filing, review your prepared tax return with confidence. Once satisfied, simply approve your return for e-filing.

5. Secure E-Filing: We handle the e-filing process securely and efficiently. Your return is submitted to the IRS and state tax authorities electronically, ensuring a faster processing time and quick confirmation of acceptance.

6. Real-Time Tracking: Stay in the loop with real-time tracking. Monitor the status of your e-filed return and receive updates on its progress.

7. Confirmation and Refund: Once your return is accepted, receive instant confirmation. If you're entitled to a refund, track its arrival directly through our platform. 

Personal Tax Returns

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